Sevkiyat Şartları Sözlüğü

Aden GS Aden Gulf Surcharge As can be seen from the press lately there have been hijacking of vessels in the Aden Gulf between Somalia and Yemen. The increasing activity from African pirates has led to the carriers on the Asia-Europe trades to impose this surcharge.
AMS American Manifest Document  
BAF Bunker Ajustment Factor It is a surcharge applied by steamship lines. Should the shipping lines undergo a variation in price, this offer would be adjusted accordingly without previous notice.
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor It is an extra charge applied by the shipping lines. The CAF is due to currency fluctuations. Should any variation on the part of the shipping lines occur, this offer will be automatically adjusted, according to the changes p
CDD Cargo Data Declaration Steamship lines charge this concept per B/L not per container
CSF Carrier Security Fee Segcurity surcharge charged by ports.
CUC Chasis Usage Charge Surcharged applied to accommodate the Chassis Usage at a specific destination.
DAE Documento de Acompañamiento de Exportación  
DCC Depot container Control  
EIS Equipment Imbalance Surcharge  
Emer. BAF Emergency Bunker Ajustment Factor  
ERR Emergency Rate Restoration  
FSC Fuel Surcharge Sea freight charges which represents additions due to oil prices.
GRI General Rate Increase  
ICD Inland Container Depot  
ISPS International Ship and Port Facility Security Code it prescribes responsibilities to governments, shipping companies, shipboard personnel, and port/facility personnel to detect security threats and take preventative measures against security incidents affecting ships or port facilities used in international trade
LOC Liner Out Charges Surcharge due to costs evolution in some West African ports.
LSFS Low Sulfure Fuel Surcharge Surcharge for vessels operating in the UE area.
PCS Panama Canal Surcharge Surcharge applied to cargo transiting through the Panama Canal
PSS Peak Season Surcharge It is a surcharge of a transport network in periods of peak demand to reduce traffic congestion.
RAC Restrict Air Cargo  
Rec. Peso (OWS) Over Weight Surcharge Surcharge that is charged by shipping companies for transporting heavy containers. Generally applies to 20′.
SCTF Suez Chanel Traffic  
SMD Security Manifest Documentation Fee Steamship lines charge this concept per B/L not per container
T/T Transit Time Transit Time is the Carrier´s estimation of sailing days from Port of Loading to Port of Discharge, and is subject to change without notice.
THC Terminal Handling Charge The fixed amount that shipping conferences oblige shipowners to charge their clients for the handling of goods at the port terminal.
WRS War Risk Surcharge Following to the international situation and to the risk of war, Shipping Lines apply a WAR RISK SURCHARGE to recover the extra costs that are going to bear; such surcharges change according to the contingent situation and are also applied without any warning.